Category: Projects

  • Experiencing the PJD’s

    During the Project Your-QI-2009 the Resonances supporting Wellbeing of twelve testpersons in relation to Bio-effective Resonance-Frequencies of an overall bandrange starting at 10Exp(-8) Hertz upto 10Exp1000 Hertz were recorded with Quantec.

  • Man in Resonance with Universe: Bio-Resonance Frequencies / Stars

    On July 22th 2009 Aries-Ethernity-Foundation published a part of the main results of the research project Your-QI-mid-2009, which showed that man is in resonance with the stars (see Archive). The project was continued as Your-QI-fall-2009 until December 31th 2009, showing again similar Star-Resonance Phenomena.

  • Man in Resonance with Universe

    It is funny to look at the sky with a telescope or wondering the beautiful pictures made with advanced telescopes. Even much more interesting is to know if “The Stars are actually influencing Man” as has been claimed by astrologers for thousands of years. In order to prove this, ARIES-Ethernity-Foundation conducted an extra series of…

  • Reference Project

    A short comment (in Dutch) on a PowerPoint presentation concerning a reference project.