ARIES Ethernity Foundation

All Resonance Information Energy Synergetics – Ether of Infinity in Eternity

Awakening to the Connexion of Life on Earth in the Cosmic Whole

ARIES-Ethernity is a Foundation for Research and Development with belonging Publicity. Its philosophy, working field and method can be characterised by the letters of the word BIO-SCOPE, meaning:

B Bio, All activities concerning Life in the most widest sense of that word. So Life from the quantum dynamics within the atoms via matter, plants, animals, human beings up to our whole planet and the surrounding universe, including its connecting informative-energy Field.
I Independent, Ideological.
O Organisation, non-profit based.
S Sophisticated, Scientific.
C Constructive, Contemplative.
O Objective, Observingly.
P Publicity, Policy.
E Evolutionary, Evidence.


Inherent in the above the sound of the main Mission of ARIES-Ethernity-Foundation is:

  • Stimulating the Awakening to the Connexion of All and its Oneness, the Universe.
  • Proving that statement by means of boundless Research and Development.
  • Furthermore Publicity of achieved results in any suitable manner.
  • Ultimately improving Well-being and Environment.
  • Always opting for “All the Best”.


The fundamental base of that mission is expressed within the letters of the foundations name ARIES-Ethernity, meaning:

A All, (All, the Universe, matter as well as non-matter).
R Resonance, (Vibration, Resonance = similar influential Vibration/Wave).
I Information, (Information-Field, Impression, Inspiration, Intention, Intelligence).
E Energy, (Einstein: “Matter is nothing, the Field is All, and All is Energy“).
S Synergetics, (the Connexion of All as Oneness, the Universe).

That All, the Universe is built up, is beared, is embedded in a connecting Informative-Energy-FieldInfinit and Eternal, we called Ether, here combined expressed as:

Ethernity: Ether of Infinity in Eternity.

Research and Development, Utilisation of Results

Based on forgoing it could be stated that All vibrates/resonates, thereby the smallest particles (Quantum, Quanta) and non-particles (Waves, pure Information, pure Energy) behaves its self like Electro-Magnetic-Bio-Information-Transmitter, EMBIT.
To measure that Information/Energy mostly very sophisticated/advanced devices are used. The Information achieved is called appropriate, Quantum/Quanta-Image/Impression, QI.

Besides own projects, Research and Development, similar activities will be carried out about a wide spectrum of  “Subjects”, it’s to say:
Projects (all types varying from everyday matter via several conventional/scientific Areas until the almost unbelievable non-matter Themes), Institutions (Organisations, Enterprises, etc.),People, Animals, Plants, Objects (all sorts of Things, Minerals, Water, Land, etc.), so one can say for all PIPAPO.

The financial base of the Foundation is formed by donators, gifts, inheritances, legacies, and possible subsidies/grants.
Under certain circumstances donators can join special activities.

With her activities ARIES-Ethernity-Foundation will finally realise an essential improvement of Well-being and Environment, always opting for “All the Best”.
In this context the following striking Terms/Aspects/Features could be mentioned:
Prevention,  Performance,  Perfection,  Prosperity, Planetary-Cosmo-Geo-Bio-Logic.

With-that unfolding Evidence for an Evolution of fundamental Knowledge about life on Earth and in the Universe.

ARIES-Ethernity-Foundation was founded on the 22nd of March 2006 at 11:11 hours, and its Internet-Introduction happened on the 8th of August 2006 around 08:08 hours.

Cosmopolitan, Peter J. Tummers
Quanta-Impressionist, Quanten-Impressionist, Quanta-Impressionniste
Impresionista-de-los-Cuantos, Impressionista-del-Quantos