Man in Resonance with Universe

It is funny to look at the sky with a telescope or wondering the beautiful pictures made with advanced telescopes. Even much more interesting is to know if “The Stars are actually influencing Man” as has been claimed by astrologers for thousands of years. In order to prove this, ARIES-Ethernity-Foundation ( conducted an extra series of extensive Bio-Resonance-Measurements on eight persons living in the Netherlands and Germany during the past months, project “Your-QI-mid-2009”. The measurements/recordings were carried out with the bio-communication device “Quantec” (, whose output is here called Quanta-Impression/Image (abbreviated: QI). During the project 3500 Stars (star-like formations) distributed over the 88 Star-Constellations have been checked on resonances with the people involved for about 185 million times in total.

On this special day in the international year of astronomy – July 22, 2009 – with the longest eclipse event of the 21st century occurring over India and China, the most important results of the said research project are published here in short terms [a corresponding book is under preparation]. The statistical probability (S), how many times the strongest resonances with a star-constellation occurred is here indicated as a multiple of “the expected win-chance at a corresponding random lottery-drawing”.

Period:  April 26 until May 18, 2009

(S) Star-Constellation(s)

3,58 Virgo

3,07 Taurus, Ursa-major

2,73 Centaurus

2,39 Cetus, Leo, Pegasus

2,22 Ophiuchus, Sagittarius

2,05 Pisces

Period: May 24 until June 21, 2009

(S) Star-Constellation(s)

3,54 Taurus

2,87 Sagittarius, Auriga

2,70 Ursa-major

2,53 Aquarius, Hydra

2,19 Hercules, Perseus

2,02 Eridanus, Gemini, Ophiuchus, Orion, Pegasus

Period:  June 2 until June 14, 2009 (around full moon on June 7, 2009)

(S) Star-Constellation(s)

4,23 Sagittarius

3,46 Ophiuchus

3,07 Hydra

2,69 Aquarius, Auriga, Taurus

2,31 Cancer, Orion

Considering these constellations it will be clear that they are mainly the background constellations around the sun and moon respectively. From an Astro-physics point of view this background radiation is evident. The sun rays, directly from the sun or indirectly via the (full) moon, were  “modulated/amplified/coupled” with the mentioned constellations-background-radiation leading to the recorded resonances with the people involved in the project.

As far as known, this is the first time in history MEASUREMENTS are showing that: “MAN is in RESONANCE with the UNIVERSE“.

Peter J. Tummers

ARIES – Ethernity – Foundation