Frequencies for Elimination / Neutralization of Bacterium EHEC O 104:H4 ?!

Using the same frequency analysis methodology as for earlier investigations reported on this website, ARIES-Ehernity-Foundation has been searching for means of elimination/neutralization the bacterium EHEC O 104:H4 at people infected by that.

Concerning radionic measurements were carried out with ‘Quantec’ ( at which a virtual specimen (the text, “Man infected with EHEC O 104:H4”) was layed on the White-noise-diode of the device.

With the aid of recently developed extra software, last week a more finer tuning of the earlier results for EHEC-Elimination from mid 2011 could be obtained. As usual in the radionic context the effectiveness of very low frequencies as well as very/extremely high frequencies were shown in the measurements. Following a limited enumeration of the most striking results of the frequency analysis in short terms:

  • Electric frequency 0.227 Hz (Probable corresponding with the peristalsis period of the intestines).
  • Electric/Electro-magnetic frequencies of about 72.3 Hz, 72.3 GHz and 72.3 THz (Amazing the same base-number at several 10-powered values)
  • Magnetic frequencies of 4.66x10power22 Hz and 1.21x10power40 Hz*.

It is emphasized that it is only the bio-energetic-information from indicated frequencies which will effect the situation considered in the aimed direction.

ARIES-Ethernity-Foundation is looking for proving above findings in more suitable cases of practice.

*For people wondering about the high 10-powered frequency values it is mentioned that about 10power44 Hz (as can be derived from the initional time-period defined by Prof. Max Planck) was clearly found as a significant frequency mark during other very extensive frequency analysis measurements done in 2009,  reported on this website.