Experiencing the PJD’s

Programmed – Glas – Diamonds

During the Project Your-QI-2009 the Resonances supporting Wellbeing of twelve testpersons in relation to Bio-effective Resonance-Frequencies of an overall bandrange starting at 10Exp(-8) Hertz upto 10Exp1000 Hertz were recorded with Quantec.

A series of seven Glas-Diamonds were informed with interesting frequencies found out during and around mentioned project.

Said testpersons and another twelve people experiencing that PJD’s reported mainly varying extremely positive phenomena but also a few negative aspects. About a third of all persons involved did not have any feelings with hit at all, but could not feel such objects before.

Readers who would like to experience the PJD’s, will find them as number (1) to (7) in this Powerpoint.

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